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About Time

The space-time, in physics, is the set of four dimensions: three dimensions of space and, the fourth, time dimension. Research turns his attention mainly to the latter, difficult for humans to perceive but also real and tangible as capable of dictating rhythms and social dynamics. The time can be perceived in different ways by different observers, being a set of events, points with different coordinates that make up the temporal dimension that follow unstoppable; an evolution that is both space and the material component of the objects. Every object in the universe is able to affect the space-time and on all four dimensions that make it up, interacting directly and indirectly with more events and then with the rest of the space-time continuum. Each point carries a cone of possible past events and a cone of possible future events, respectively, all causes and all the effects of the instant considered. These are other events, interconnected between them, which have other time-space coordinates, and then take place in different points in space and time.

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